Friday, 24 April 2015


A recent customer kindly shared a few words on his Eve Bass ordering experience: “From the moment I saw the IONA on the ‘NoTreble’ page, I was quite intrigued with this instrument. I had been searching for a bass with an ash body for some time. It is truly a stunning looking instrument, and very reasonably priced. I really like 32" scale instruments. When I contacted Douglas at Eve Guitars, he was very open to working with me to make a 32" scale bass. I haven't found any other company that will custom make a different scale neck, or if so, it costing quite a bit. Douglas does not charge extra for this option. He gave me the option of pickup configuration as well. I stayed with the Jazz/Humbucker combo that is stock with this instrument - and am very glad I did! I really appreciated how easy it was to communicate with Douglas throughout the process. All questions were answered promptly and thoroughly, and he included pictures continually throughout the process as the build moved along. The bass was professionally packaged and shipped promptly to my home, and I received it on April 21st - a few months after inital contact. It plays like a dream. I am delving into its many sonic possibilities - the Jazz pickup controls passive or active for both pickups and the Humbucker can be used in serial or parallel modes as well. The neck plays fast - I’m so glad I kept the neck devoid of markers - it’s much more elegant without. I'm looking forward to taking it to practice and our next gig. Thank you Douglas for doing things exactly right!” Rob Waxman California, USA

Thursday, 9 April 2015

On the bench

A sneak preview of a very special 35" 4-string Elite IONA on the bench today ready for final sanding. This bass will be available for purchase in the next few weeks - details:

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

32" scale IONA

Ready for its new owner!