Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Bass review

Just to let everyone know that there is a misprint in the latest edition of Bass Guitar Magazine this month regarding the review of the Eve Basses. Mistakes happen, but I just want to clarify that the 5-string Elite pictured IS NOT the ProBass. Anyone getting in contact please note that the ProBass is the bolt-on model with a solid natural or stained body - there are no options for top laminates or exotic woods. I have attached an image of what should have been printed. Apologies for any confusion.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Monday, 12 August 2013

On the bench

6-String fretless - Final stages before finish sanding

Wednesday, 7 August 2013


6-string bass completed fingerboard with 22" radius and alternate lined markers for easy intonation positioning.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

6-string Elite

6-string Elite on the bench. Rough assembly before gluing up. Lined fretless Ebony fingerboard with Ash neck, Walnut tone block, Cherry body wings with Wenge top, 3-band EQ with single humbucker soapbar pickup.

Mini Elite